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Renewal by Andersen® Window Replacement in Fountain Hills, AZ

In Fountain Hills, Renewal by Andersen is the trusted name for professional window replacements. Customize your windows to upgrade your home’s aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. Call our local Fountain Hills team today and get started with a free in-home consultation!

About Fountain Hills, Arizona

Fountain Hills, Arizona, known for its stunning fountain and picturesque landscape, is a community where aesthetic and design play a pivotal role in home maintenance. Renewal by Andersen enhances this visual appeal with custom window replacements that offer unmatched beauty and energy efficiency.

Our windows not only reflect the town’s upscale aesthetic but also offer significant energy savings through advanced Low-E4® glass technology that blocks heat and harmful UV rays. The window frames can withstand the intense sun and desert climate without warping or fading, preserving the view and beauty of Fountain Hills homes for years.

With Renewal by Andersen, Fountain Hills residents receive a premium service that respects their community’s unique lifestyle and natural beauty, ensuring every installation complements the home and enhances its surroundings.


Replacement Windows for Fountain Hills Residents

Understanding the variety of window styles can greatly influence the choices Fountain Hills homeowners make. Renewal by Andersen designed a range of window styles designed with Fibrex® material, ensuring durability that outperforms traditional vinyl windows. Whether you’re seeking expansive views or efficient ventilation, we’ve got a solution tailored for you. Explore our galleries or contact Renewal by Andersen near Fountain Hills for a free design consultation!

Awning Windows

A favorite for those who love a blend of functionality and style, awning windows feature a top hinge, allowing them to open outwards. This design ensures that even during a light drizzle, homeowners can enjoy fresh air without the worry of water seeping in. Often found in kitchens and bathrooms, these windows are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Bay & Bow Windows

A true architectural gem, bay and bow windows extend outward from the home’s structure, creating a unique nook inside. Comprising a series of windows that let in abundant light, they’re perfect for creating a cozy reading spot or showcasing a beautiful view. Their design can also enhance the spaciousness of a room, making them a popular choice for living areas and master bedrooms.

Casement Windows

For those who prioritize ventilation, casement windows are a top pick. These windows swing out, much like a door, and are controlled by a rotating handle. Their design ensures a tight seal when closed, which is great for energy efficiency, and when open, they allow for maximum airflow, refreshing any room in an instant.

Sliding Windows

Practicality meets modern design with sliding windows. These windows open horizontally, gliding smoothly along their tracks. They’re perfect for rooms where space is a premium, like compact kitchens or basements. Their wide design also offers a generous view of the outdoors, making them a stylish and functional choice.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows feature two sashes that move up and down independently. This design offers flexibility in ventilation and makes cleaning a breeze. Their traditional look fits seamlessly into a variety of architectural styles, making them a favorite for many homeowners.

Picture Windows

For homes with scenic views or those looking to invite more natural light indoors, picture windows are the ideal choice. These large, stationary windows offer an uninterrupted view of the outdoors, turning nature into a beautiful backdrop for your living spaces. While they don’t open, their design maximizes light, adding a touch of grandeur to any room.

Specialty Windows

For homes that break the mold, specialty windows offer a solution that’s as unique as your design needs. Whether it’s a circular window for a loft or a triangular one for an attic, these windows can be crafted to fit any unusual space. While they remain stationary, they add a distinct architectural touch to homes and allow for creative expression.

Our Full-Service Process

Design Consultation

Engage with our seasoned designers to select the perfect windows and doors for your Fountain Hills home. In a no-obligation home visit, they’ll guide you through our offerings and help crystallize your vision.

Project Planning

Every project is overseen by a dedicated manager and skilled craftsmen, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. From accurate measurements to adding your chosen features, we aim to deliver a product that integrates seamlessly into your home.


Our adept installation team, led by a Certified Master Installer, adheres to a proven methodology. They prioritize precision in installation and take measures to safeguard your home interiors during the process.

Customer Care

Throughout your journey with us, our support team is at your service. Post-installation, we remain committed to guiding you on maintenance and warranty specifics.

What Fountain Hills Homeowners Can Anticipate On Installation Day

When the day arrives for your Renewal by Andersen window or door installation, you can anticipate a seamless and professional experience. Our installation team will arrive on time, respecting your schedule. They’ll introduce themselves and provide a brief overview of the day’s plan. Before starting, the team will lay down protective coverings to ensure your home remains clean and undamaged. This includes safeguarding your floors, furniture, and other nearby items.

The team will carefully remove the existing windows or doors, ensuring that the surrounding areas, including walls and trims, remain intact. Your new Renewal by Andersen windows or doors will be precisely installed, ensuring a perfect fit. Our experts will make sure that they are level, properly sealed, and function smoothly.

Once installed, each window or door will be thoroughly inspected to ensure it meets our high standards of quality and performance. After the installation, our team will clean up the work area, removing any debris, dust, or materials. They’ll ensure your home looks as tidy as it was when they arrived. Before leaving, the team will walk you through the features and operations of your new windows or doors.

Andersen-exclusive Fibrex® Material Outperforms Standard Vinyl

Our proprietary Fibrex® material sets us apart. A blend of recycled wood and vinyl, this composite material offers unparalleled strength and durability, especially suited for Fountain Hills’ desert climate. With Fibrex®:

Renewal by Andersen’s Fibrex® material is 2 times stronger than vinyl
Fibrex® material insulates 700 times better than aluminum
Fibrex® material reduces VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions because no wood preservative treatments or painting is required
Fibrex® material retains its stability and rigidity in all climates

Customer Testimonials

Several large windows and sliding doors replaced from when the house was originally built. All went unbelievably well considering the difficulty of removal. Minor drywall nail pops that were taken care of by RBA including paint to match. The glass is everything they say, an excellent product.

Renewal by Andersen Customer

The process of replacing our ancient sliding glass patio door was amazing. The gentlemen that completed the installation were friendly and professional throughout the entire process. They were diligent to make sure that every area was spotless before they left. I would highly recommend Renewal by Andersen of Phoenix, AZ to everyone.

Renewal by Andersen Customer

Our installation could not have gone any better! Renewal by Andersen's team was on time, efficient, friendly, professional, neat and left our home spotlessly clean with the installation of our new windows. By far, the best workers I have ever had in my home. They installed 13 windows and a new patio sliding door all in one day without any marks or damage of any kind to our interior walls or exterior stucco. Our home is now cooler in summer, warmer in winter and so much quieter. We love our new Anderson Windows!

Renewal by Andersen Customer

Renewal by Andersen Serves Fountain Hills, AZ

With Renewal by Andersen in Phoenix, you can transform your home and your living experience sooner than you think. Our local office brings professional window replacement and door installation services to Fountain Hills. Get started with your project today when you schedule a free, in-home consultation Firerock, Diamante Del Lago, Eagles Nest, and nearby areas.

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